Le Fonds Belval : Visite Visit of the photovoltaic system on the Maison de l’Innovation
On Monday 23 November 2020, François Bausch, Minister for Mobility and Public Works and Luc Dhamen, director of the Fonds Belval, visited the new photovoltaic system on the Maison des Sciences Humaines in Belval. This was followed by a visit of the photovoltaic system on the Maison de l’Innovation, which has been in use since 2019.

After the Rockhal in 2018 and the Maison de l’Innovation in 2019, the Maison des Sciences Humaines is the latest building in Belval to have a photovoltaic system installed, generating electricity from solar energy. The installation is part of the practical implementation of the objectives arising from the Rifkin study concerning the reduction of energy consumption and the increase of renewable energies in the national energy production.

Five buildings on the Belval site had showed potential for installing photovoltaic systems: the Rockhal, the Lycée Bel-Val, the House of Knowledge, the House of Human Sciences and the House of Innovation. Three of them have now been equipped; the House of Knowledge and the Lycée Bel-Val remain, with both offering great potential for a photovoltaic installation, as well.

The criteria of durability and energy efficiency are at the forefront of all new construction projects by the Fonds Belval from the earliest planning stages. Installations and equipment using natural and renewable energies are built in as standard, with the latest example being the National Archives building project. This will also be the first positive energy building on Belval.

Press folder for Monday 23 November 2020